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Integrate Sustainable Features into the Landscape and Make Them Visible Wherever Possible


Sustainable landscape design helps build a network of productive ecosystems that promote local biodiversity, water and energy conservation, and provide a natural experience for the public in the built environment. Human-made landscapes in Bainbridge Island should strive to conserve water and material resources, support healthy and porous soils, and reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides that damage natural ecosystems.


a.    Promote water conservation with landscape design that prioritizes native and/or drought tolerant species

b.    Use plantings to provide shade and buffer from wind exposure

c.    Locate trees to provide shading of paved surfaces and reduce heat island effect

d.    Accommodate planting space for trees where there  is not enough space for trees in the right-of-way

e.    Use local, low-impact, recycled, or sustainably sourced materials and/or repurpose non-hazardous waste materials in the landscape

f.    Utilize vegetative roofs to mitigate stormwater, grow food, provide habitat, reduce heat island effect, improve views and air quality

g.    Design landscape to absorb and reduce particulate matter

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