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Integrate the Landscape Concept to Complement the Architectural Concepts


Landscape architecture and building architecture are expected to be mutually complementary, working together toward an overall design that is functional, sustainable and pleasing. To this end, the landscape should be designed in tandem with the architecture, rather than as an afterthought.


a.    Design the landscape to enhance elements of the site and architectural concept by strategies such as defining pathways, zones and edges; creating focal points; softening building massing; highlighting entries, and adding scale, texture and interest to the site

b.    Locate deciduous trees to compliment passive solar strategies, providing shade in summer and allowing sun in the winter

c.    Use plantings where privacy is needed for more intimate and private spaces, or for screening traffic and/or service uses

d.    Choose plantings that complement the proportions and scale of the building, and offer color and interest throughout the year

e.    Ensure that landscape design relates to considers building features such as porches, balconies and roof areas

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