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Support the Public Realm with the Landscape Design


Landscape design is expected to be an integral part of public spaces, enhancing the functions, activities and character of the public realm..


a.    Use landscape design to connect a network of open spaces, appropriate to the project context; This open space network could include the streetscape and building frontages, spaces between buildings, or a series of planted areas and hardscape intended for outdoor use

b.    Encourage interaction between the building’s interior uses and exterior public space, Including plazas, seating areas and other hardscape areas to support positive public activities appropriate to the context and building use

c.    Select plantings that reflect a sense of care, providing scale and seasonal color and interest

d.    Consider elements of continuity along streets to provide a level of character along a corridor, and unique elements of distinction that can serve as landmarks or wayfinding

e.    Complement building and landscape design with integrated public art that is developed with the community and overall project concept in mind

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