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Streets & Frontages

Each public street in Bainbridge Island has a distinct character that is defined by the configuration of the right-of-way and the building frontages, public and open spaces and landscape that form the edges of each street.  This section focuses on improvements related to new development or redevelopment that shape the pedestrian realm and the buildings that contribute to a distinct streetscape, and together reflect a desired future state for the street. These guidelines are intended to inform design decisions on-site and in the public right-of-way that contribute to the character and experience of the streetscape. The street types, frontages and guidelines described in this section do not replace or supersede the requirements of the “City of Bainbridge Island Engineering Design and Construction Standards and Specifications”.

Key streets on the island are categorized into street types that are not defined by the same conditions, but share a similar vision and raise similar design considerations. Each street type defines common characteristics and guidelines that offer design direction and align with the vision for these streets.

The street types regulate building orientation and façade design through specific building frontage typologies that are permitted only on certain street types.  These building frontages outline how buildings should relate to each street and contribute to the public realm through greenery, public spaces, and entries consistent with the character of each street type.
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