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Design Review

Final Design Review

a.    Statement of Design Intent and how the project incorporated applicable guidelines

b.    Vicinity Map including property lines and rights-of-way with dimensions, footprints of buildings on adjacent properties, and natural features (landmark trees, streams, wetlands and steep slopes)

c.    Final Site Plan Illustration in Color

d.    Final Landscape and Planting Plans

e.    Color Rendering or perspective illustration of the Proposed Development from the street and from an axiomatic view

f.    Final Floor Plan

g.    Final building plans and elevations for all facades

h.    Detailed drawings of façade treatments

i.    Materials Palette, samples and cut sheets for all façade materials included in elevation drawings

j.    Full summary and rationale for all requested departures from Design Guidelines and zoning parameters

Bainbridge Landing Colored Elevations.JP

Color elevations with materials
Barn Perspective.jpg

Perspective illustration
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