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Design Review

Conceptual Proposal Review
Site Analysis

a.    Aerial map of with property lines marked and streets labeled within 500 feet

b.    Photos of the site

c.    Topography, physical, and natural features on the site

d.    Landscaping and tree species 6” or greater in diameter, and an arborist report for any landmark trees as defined in BIMC 16.32

e.    Vehicular and pedestrian access to the site including curbs

f.    Summary of applicable zoning standards and Design Guidelines

Context Analysis

a.    Requirements for analysis listed in the Context Analysis Chapter

b.    Vicinity map(s) indicating

  • Property lines

  • Footprints of structures and existing ground and upper floor uses

  • Zoning districts and overlays

  • Natural features, recognized landmarks and designated historic sites or structures

  • Roadways, sidewalks, trails, bicycle facilities and transit stations

c.    Photos of properties, structures, adjacent rights-of-way, natural features, and streetscapes within 500 feet

Preliminary Development Program (Optional)

a.    Preliminary development program (Residential or Live/Work Units, Retail or Office SF, Number of Parking Stalls)

b.    Description of how the program fits within the context and any sustainability, preservation or conservation goals as part of the project.

Madrona School Site Design Plan

Conceptual site analysis
COBI DRB Submittal Example

Context analysis map
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