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Building Design


Celebrate and Prominently Feature Sustainable Design


Projects in Bainbridge Island are expected to be environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout their life cycle. Buildings will need to meet the requirements of the City and County that require sustainable design; the Design Guidelines are intended to express the values of a healthy environment in the design expression of each project.


a.    Reuse existing structures whenever possible, recognizing that the most sustainable buildings are those that already exist

b.    Use building materials that reflect a sense of place, favoring recycled or renewable resources and/or local sources

c.    Highlight regenerative materials and renewable energy generation such as solar panel or turbines as visible expressions of the community's aesthetic and values

d.    Offer access to natural light and ventilation in living and working spaces for comfort and reduced energy consumption

e.    Manage direct sunlight with solar control and shading devices, and integrate these features into the overall design, with each facade responding to solar orientation

f.    Consider green or living walls and/or roofs with plants adapted to Bainbridge Island’s microclimate; make them visible where possible

g.    Design for flexibility so that the building can be adapted in the future, including reuse of structured parking for non-vehicular future uses

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