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Building Design


Express a Clear Organizing Architectural Concept


Buildings are expected to have a clear architectural concept that is internally consistent, appropriate to the building's site and functions, and elegantly expressed.


a.    Base the design on a thoughtful organization of uses in plan, taking into account the arrangement of the development program and its relationship to the context of the site

b.    The architectural concept should be rooted in and express sustainable design principles

c.    The architectural concept should be appropriate to the Pacific Northwest's climate and materials, as well as to the specific conditions of the site

d.    In the building concept and floor plan, consider the relationship of building uses and public space; for example, locating an entry lobby along the street, or designing residential windows to have a degree of privacy from passers-by

e.    Express the rhythm of the building's structural organization in the facades

f.    The architectural concept should make the building’s uses and hierarchy legible

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