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Historic Places


To ensure that new and infill development are compatible with historic areas, sites, and buildings on the Island. Historic properties are those with structures that are 50 years or older and would be eligible for the national, state or local register of historic places, or sites that are listed on those registers.



Design the site, building(s), and landscape to be compatible with historic buildings without directly mimicking historic architectural styles.




a.    Use site design, massing, height, rooflines, pedestrian entrances, materials, and colors to complement historic places

b.    Design sites and buildings in historic areas to meet the Secretary of the Interior's standards for modifications to existing historic buildings and infill development

c.    Design buildings to be consistent with the scale of nearby historic buildings or districts based on the context analysis

d.    Consider historic landscaping that contributes to the context of historic buildings




a.    Minimize alterations to historic buildings and properties that are inconsistent with the original design of the building


b.    Restore buildings to their original historic design elements when previously altered



Maintain the historic integrity of buildings over 50 years old listed or eligible for the national or local register of historic places.

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