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Civic Uses


The design of civic uses and public spaces should be prominent, highlight their unique role in the community and reflect local values and civic identity. Civic projects should maximize opportunities for public benefits through integrated design.



Design civic uses and sites to reflect and contribute to their function and role in the community while being clearly identifiable as a civic use.




a.    Locate civic uses in prominent locations (such as in Downtown Winslow), and design them to serve as landmarks unless their use and function warrants another location




a.    Civic uses may use unique frontage types to highlight uses, and public amenities with larger open spaces, gardens, art and other elements between the street and the building

b.    Integrate public open space in the design of civic sites including plazas, parks, seating areas, natural areas, and other amenities



Design civic sites and buildings to serve multiple functions such as public space, community gatherings, public art, and other compatible uses.

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