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Site Design


Fit the project into the systems of access and movement, prioritizing pedestrians and bicycles


Livable and sustainable communities are walkable and bikeable. Good design in Bainbridge Island will favor pedestrian and bicycle scale, and carefully consider the project's place in the network of streets, sidewalks and trails in decisions about entries, ADA access, and location of vehicular access. Projects should prioritize the pedestrian environment and encourage sustainable transportation choices.


a.   Locate and orient primary pedestrian access to the site toward major pedestrian and bicycle travel routes and transit facilities.

b.   Incorporate dedicated pedestrian access that connects and aligns with existing public and private pedestrian infrastructure. 

c.   Integrate access for people of all abilities into the project design so that all visitors are welcome through primary entries and access points.

d.   Locate at-grade parking and vehicular access away from active pedestrian areas wherever possible and screen at-grade parking from public view.

e.   Provide bicycle parking near access points to and active areas to maximize visibility and convenience.

f.   Consider including pedestrian-oriented public spaces and spaces for informal community gathering in non-residential projects.

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