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Site Design


Protect and Repair Natural Systems


Design for new development should protect existing natural systems and mitigate disturbance to the maximum extent possible, In addition, designers should look for ways to heal and repair the Island’s natural systems that have been impacted by previous development. Site design should embrace relationships to larger natural systems, and use these systems to inform sustainable design at the site and building level.


a.   Use natural topography to inform  project design, stepping up or down hillsides.

b.   Minimize soil disturbance and excavation, and preserve natural topsoil.

c.   Preserve the hydrological functions of the site and create opportunities for natural stormwater infiltration.

d.   Incorporate natural water features, habitat, and native plant communities on-site into project design so that they are ecologically functional.

e.   Minimize and disconnect impervious cover to reduce runoff.

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