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Public Realm


Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Walking and Cycling


Whether a project is located in the Island's downtown, neighborhood centers, or rural areas, new development should consider the site's relationship to the pedestrian environment, and how the project can contribute to safety, comfort and continuity in the pedestrian realm.


a.   Connect on-site pedestrian walkways with existing public or private routes where projects can improve the network for people walking. 

b.  Integrate universal design in pedestrian routes, access points and entries, with multi-sensory cues where appropriate in public spaces and access points using visual, auditory and tactile signals.

c.   Integrate lighting for pedestrian pathways and entrances to provide safety, mark entry locations and highlight design features. 

d.   Orient primary entrances toward the site’s most active public street frontage.

e.   Contribute to the network of safe bicycle routes where possible. 

f.   Provide bicycle parking at access points to open spaces and buildings, and coordinate bike racks and fixtures with other outdoor furniture on site, along adjacent streets, or nearby public spaces.

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