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Public Realm


Draw From and Enhance Existing Block Patterns


Regardless of how people get around, everyone is a pedestrian at some point. Pedestrian-oriented design creates safe, accessible and welcoming for spaces for all in ways that are contextually appropriate for Bainbridge Island's varied environments. Whether it is in the Island's downtown, neighborhood centers, or rural areas, new development should contemplate the site's relationship to the pedestrian environment, and how the project can contribute to safety, comfort and continuity in the pedestrian realm.


a.   Seize on the prominent location of corner sites to create focal points with careful detailing and integrated public spaces.

b.   Create a porous site with public pedestrian routes through larger developments.

c.   Break down the massing of buildings and the scale of long facades to fit the rhythm of the surrounding block.

d.   Create a human scale environment at street level with detailing that adds variety and rhythm to the facade.

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