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Design Review

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1. Preapplication Conference

The Preapplication Conference with City staff is intended to provide information to the applicant in response to the submittal of a preliminary site plan and a conceptual design for the project, showing how it responds to site characteristics and the context of neighboring uses. City staff shall identify potential issues/concerns related to applicable City development regulations and standards including, but not limited to, zoning, environmental, utilities, transportation and stormwater regulations, relevant Comprehensive Plan goals and policies, and relevant goals and principles from Design for Bainbridge. 

City staff shall ensure that the applicant is aware of the standards and criteria involved in review and approval of the project, both in the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code and the Design for Bainbridge manual. Planning staff shall prepare a summary letter detailing the pre-application guidance, to be provided to the applicant and the Design Review Board. See Appendix A for a complete list of design related submittal requirements, in addition to other requirements in the Administrative Manual.

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