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Design for Bainbridge


Bainbridge Island is a close knit community with several neighborhood centers and a lively, walkable downtown in Winslow with a mix of shops, services and activities. The Island attracts residents and visitors with its magnificent natural setting and mix of rural and small-town charm, all a short ferry commute from Downtown Seattle. The City’s residents are committed to preserving the Island’s sense of community and green spaces, and deeply value the Island’s natural lands, shorelines and enduring connection to local agriculture.

The City’s Design Standards are based on the existing policies, principles and values established in Bainbridge Island’s Comprehensive Plan and through community engagement. Each of these values and principles as they relate to the design of new development is articulated in the following section, and the standards draw on these principles and offer specific guidance to inform design at various scales and stages, including site design, building design and composition, and architectural detailing.

The Standards were carefully crafted to ensure that new development reflects Bainbridge Island’s common values and culture, and that it contributes to and enhances the City’s built environment.

Disclaimer: The official version of Design for Bainbridge was adopted by the City Council as a print document. This website is designed to mirror the content in the adopted print version. However, in the event there is a conflict between this website and the print version, the print version hosted on the City's website shall supersede.

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